Friday, 23 November 2012

What Are Our Priorities?

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Age comes with certain responsibilities and some of them might be a bit difficult. I think that at times our priorities differ depending on the lifestyle we will be leading. If we do not make decisions with our pocket at the back of our heads and then we fail l to meet our responsibilities then our priorities might seem upside down to onlookers.

I have seen people who drink the whole night from Friday to Saturday and then on Monday they do not have money for transport to work. Some go and buy expensive clothes for their very small children in expensive shops like Naartje yet the children are of preschool going age but they are always at home because the parents cannot afford sending them to preschool. Then l may ask such kind of people what are your priorities.

The power of advertising

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This is not my first time to write about Shoprite stores but l am tempted to write about it once again since it is something that l see almost every day. I live in a complex near Shoprite and Pick n Pay and normally when l do not have stuff to do at home l normally go window shopping in these two shops just to get check on their prices such that the day l get money l do wise buying. Of course in the middle of the month both supermarkets have got little activity but on a day like today the landscape has changed since we approaching month end.

Generally l have done my homework and have noticed Shoprite is not cheaper as it claims to be. However as a communication student l realised that a brand is actually a living, changing thing and is based on the dialogue marketers have with their customers and prospects. The stronger the dialogue the stronger the brand and vice versa. Shoprite established a very strong brand and seemingly it will take time for people to realise the shop does not offer low prices at all.

People will always talk


I can say l have heard this statement times without a number. In my opinion this statement motivates it gives the will power to do or pursue anything when you are in doubt of how the society will perceive your actions. I am made to believe that at times society is so unfair just because people judge others according to their actions without bothering to ask the reasons behind why a person would have acted that way.

The open secret is we are different and we see things differently. If everyone could understand that the world would be indeed a better place. However at times it is so annoying that people want you to act in such a way that might please society yet it might be hurting you inwardly. I think gone are the days when l would do things that hurt my soul to please people now l act in such a way that does not compromise how l feel. I have realised it is painful trying to fit and it is so hard and no matter how good you try to be people will always talk.

Through group work l learnt to be patient

I am not so sure what is the problem with some people but they are always behind time. No matter we schedule our meetings on any day of the week two people in my group were always late. Not that they were only late for anything less than 20 minutes but the time varied between 30 mins to an hour. I used to be so irritated by such kind of behaviour but with time l grew to tolerate it otherwise l could have walked away from them.
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As l write this blog l have my group members at the back of head. I am afraid l am going to miss them and their presence in my life left a permanent mark. Of course we argued here and there but the bottom line is at the end we could agree on something. They have all been a pillar of my strength and they were so motivating in all spheres of my life. I am happy that l was transformed from an impatient person since it frustrated me yet at times l could not change the situations people will be going through.

Friday, 16 November 2012

How old would you be if you did not know how old you are?

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Seemingly society makes a big fuss about age. Certain age comes with certain expectations. From the day a child is born people expect certain changes and developments as he/she grows from day one. On the first birthday it is about checking how many teeth, can she walk, how many words she can say. All this is because people will be aware of the age the child has reached.

I wonder what would happen if we all did not know how old we are. l am made to believe that people would avoid judging each other. Now because people make a fussy about ages some people end up being called childish or immature. In some societies there is a certain age where a person should be someone else’s husband or wife. If that does not happen that person gets a negative label simply because of the age factor.

It is so hard to walk away from a relationship

Quite recently l visited a former colleague who has been staying with her boyfriend for the past six years. The pair has no child and they are not married or engaged. I realised that at times some people find it difficult to walk away from a relationship yet they are always fighting. Frankly speaking l am not so sure why is it that some people become slaves of their heart and mind. I thought a relationship can only work when both partners pull weight towards it. A good turn deserves another and when l love my partner is supposed to love back.

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Feelings are dynamic and l believe how you feel about a person can change over time. Your partner could have been the right person then but not now. What is needed is courage to walk away from a relationship which offers nothing except stress. I realised that even close friends do not want to advise a person to walk away from a relationship the reason being ‘matters of the heart are very delicate and sensitive they have to be handled with the delicateness they deserve. The common belief amongst people is a pair which is having an affair should sort themselves out yet at times one person who will hurting the other one who becomes so vulnerable and suffers from indecision.

Friday, 9 November 2012

No matter how much you care some people just don’t care back

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It is unfortunate that some people just do not appreciate. l have wasted my time and resources trying to show some people that l do care for them yet the way l get paid back is really hard to fathom. It does not necessarily mean that when l do good to someone l expect that favour but the old adage says a good turn deserves another. Besides being whoever l am the bottom line is l am a normal human being who walks in blood. I also feel like anybody else and l expect people to feel for me like the way l do to them.

However l have been very much unlucky meeting people who just do not care back the way l do to them. l have noticed that l try to be there for most of my friends and help them when they are in need not because l have plenty of resources or time to do that but l will be simply showing that l care for them. I have been so caring even to some of my relatives but what l get in return is so disheartening. I really don’t know why people fail to care back but it is so hurting especially to me who is naturally a caring person.